You know, I didn’t get over my daughter’s death in three months. I still exist and I still need you. Where’d everyone go?


I Miss You Like Crazy Aunt Linda

I just wish I had died too

The day you died all the magic left my life

what i’ve learned from all of this is that life is fucking beautiful, but life is fucking awful.

life is unfair.

all of you fucking dickholes might think YOUR life is unfair.

but no. you can’t even begin to fathom unfair until you hear her little cries of pain, watch her slip further and further away, and then have to see her body in septic shock.

you don’t know unfair until you see her on a fucking life support machine, knowing that’s the only fucking thing keeping her alive, praying to whatever the fuck will listen that she’ll wake up.

you don’t know unfair until they tell you the swelling on her brain is irreversible.

you don’t know unfair until she’s officially braindead, she’s gone, and you have to pull the fucking plug.

you don’t know unfair until YOUR child is innocently playing with dandelions, happy as can be, and a tick bites her on her fucking head and brings your biggest nightmare to life.

just fucking be happy that you don’t have to know that pain, and if you do know that pain, then i’m so sorry.

i don’t know how you do it.

i don’t even know how i do it.

life fucking sucks.